How The COVID-19 Pandemic Impacted Construction and Labor

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Members of the construction industry like developers have experienced a magnitude of impacts due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic has affected many different construction processes such as material shortages and labor inefficiency.

Construction work had special circumstances because during the height of the pandemic construction work was considered non-essential in many parts of the county, although it was considered essential in Illinois. This resulted in significant impacts on many businesses.

There are a number of reasons why developers were spending more money than usual. Other than the increase in sanitary precautions there was also an increase in prices on materials. This was a result of the global manufacturing shutdowns, port shutdowns, and general transportation delays all across the United States. Issues started to arise when costs of materials increased yet revenue was declining. The shortage of workers pressured businesses to increase wages to attract more workers. As the globe shifted to remote work it was also challenging to manage a business that relies on being on-site. In response to projects being on hold this expedited retirements and also caused tough choices in terms of staffing.

Recovery in 2022

The challenges of the pandemic gave construction and developer firms an opportunity to renovate their industry to become stronger and more powerful than before. Construction and building materials have become an important role in post-pandemic recovery all around the country.

In the past two years, the industry has seen an increase of construction workers and is projected to keep growing. The pandemic has been discouraging to many industries. Now in 2022, there has been a clamor around developing new homes and buildings. We have seen a boom in real estate because of the low supply of available homes which has allowed for construction demand to increase. The Investment and Job Act has also been implemented therefore it is promising for the industry to continue to flourish.

Things to Implement to Attract New Workers 

There is an array of things that can be done to help combat the troubling effects of the pandemic in the construction industry. To attract more talent and bring more workers to your business, it is important to show appreciation towards your employees.

Investing in employees with learning programs, benefits, and incentives to address a work-life balance will highlight the value of working for you. Educating new employees on the job will also increase productivity and can accelerate advancements in the industry. Nurturing a respectful environment is important and going past the typical demographic of a construction worker. Reaching out to minorities and women can be beneficial because everyone can bring something new to the table thus leading to an efficient work structure.

Outreach will bring new workers to the industry if the business is willing to take the steps to educate employees and provide resources. Being resourceful by reaching out to various schools, churches, and organizations will help lead a new generation to the construction industry. By reaching individuals early in this process, it will make an impression on those working towards this profession.

Consider a return program that allows for individuals with unique skill sets who have taken a break from the construction industry to come back. This program could entice workers to find a way to acclimate themselves to a new job while also teaching new industry workers new skills. This can also include providing support and reteaching skills to those who have taken a break so that they can feel comfortable in a new environment.

Finding new talent can be difficult today but discovering innovative ways to stand out from other job opportunities that are striking will be a contributing factor to your business’s success. Construction labor challenges have increased but the industry is still filled with driven creative individuals willing to work. This is a chance for the construction industry to invest in what they want the future to look like and to create long-lasting relationships with upstanding laborers.

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